What skills are important to become a Franchise Partner?

Cafe2U is a high-performing entry-level business into the hospitality industry and also a first business opportunity for many. For this reason, previous business management skills and business operation skills are not considered critical. These can be developed over time.  
Launching over 200 successful franchises has taught us that for a Franchise Partner to be successful they need to possess some core elements. They must have a desire to be their own boss. They need to be self-starting and clearly motivated by new challenges. They must be a good communicator and enjoy social networking with customers. It is important that they have a passion for the products they sell and be confident in their ability to learn new skills in order to deliver that product. They must be people focused and understand the importance in providing the consumer with value for money. They must be ethical, open and honest with their customers, Cafe2U and themselves.

For a multi-territory Franchise Partner to be considered they must also posses Business Management skills, Business operation skills, leadership skills, as well as a desire to succeed and vision for growth.


What advice will I need to obtain?

Cafe2U recommends and encourages all candidates obtain legal advice, business advice and financial advice prior to entering into a franchise agreement. This is also encouraged by the International Franchise Association and the EU franchising code of conduct.


    What is the selection process?

    The increased level of demand for Cafe2U franchises has led to a more detailed Franchise Partner selection process. It is important that only the best candidates are selected to join the Cafe2U Franchise Partner family. It is important to note that whilst it is important for Cafe2U to select candidates that are a good fit for our business model, the candidate needs to ensure that Cafe2U will be the right business model for them.  We only accept candidates that genuinely want to be part of the Cafe2U brand and build a strong business relationship with us.  
    Cafe2U operates a 4 step selection process.

    • Information Request Form:  this is completed by you prior to one of our Discovery Meetings, online and is obligation free. 
    • Franchise Partner Profiling Tool: this can also be completed online and provides us an effective method of measuring a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and compatibility to the Cafe2U business model.  Successful completion of the Application and Profiling Tool will allow a candidate to progress further.
    • Discovery Meeting: conducted by a Cafe2U representative.  At this interview a draft agreement will be provided as well as a through question and answer session about the franchise and about you!  Finance, training, launch, support, income examples, territory will all be covered. 
    • Visit a current Franchise Partner for a selected period of time: allowing candidate to obtain a greater understanding of the business model and to reconfirm to the candidate the levels of commitment required.

    Once this has been completed the candidate will be required to submit their business plan to Cafe2U.  At this stage the candidate is then referred to board level for consideration. The board will then advise the candidate if their application has been successful. 


    How long does will it take for me to become a Cafe2U Franchise Partner?

    To get you to the formal launch stage of your business there is a process that needs to be followed. This process is stipulated in the Franchise Code of Conduct. This process includes the application and approval process, understanding the Franchise Disclosure Documentation and obtaining your independent advice. The time taken to complete this process depends entirely on the candidate. 
    The vehicle construction and training phase that needs to be undertaken to get you to formal launch is a 6 week process. On average a Franchise Partner takes 10 weeks from initial enquiry to being up and running in their own Cafe2U business.