How much can a Cafe2U Franchise Partner earn?

The Cafe2U business model is based around high gross profit products combined with minimal operating costs. Franchise Partners have no wages or rent costs which in traditional business absorb over 50% of your turnover.  Cafe2U is able to provide a net return to the Franchise Partner of at least 30% (depending on your finance arrangements.)

There are three types of Franchise Partner:

Single Van - the Franchise Partner invests in the franchise and operates a single van within the territory.

Multi-Van - the Franchise Partner starts off with one van and then grows to two or three vans in the same territory by  investing in the new vans and in the staff to operate them.

Multi-Territory - the Franchise Partner will decide on Day 1 that they wish to grow a significant business by developing a number of territories, investing in vans, employing staff, and managing the business which could reach 15 vans or more.  The exact scope and size of the business would be agreed with the Cafe2U team and an individual agreed Development Plan put in place for the chosen territories.

Is the business model seasonal?


    Is the business model seasonal?

    No. Cafe2U has been operating in several countries for over 6 years now and have robustly tested the model in all climates!  Results obtained from franchise partners and current data from suppliers clearly indicate that the business is not effected by seasonal conditions. The mobile business model delivering direct to customers also allows Franchise Partners a better opportunity to maintain consistency in their sales compared with fixed location outlets.