What products do Cafe2U Franchise Partners sell?

Due to the nature of the Cafe2U business model, Franchise Partners maintain a core range of products in order to cater to their customers’ requirements. Whilst the business model concentrates on maximising hot beverage sales, Franchise Partners are also able to provide a range of cold drinks and summer alternatives.
Franchise Partners also offer cold pre-packaged soft drinks, juices and bottled water. Franchise Partners are then able to select from a range of sweet baked products, individually wrapped sandwiches, and a selection of hot savoury baked products.  Whilst Franchise Partners are able to offer the complete selection, not all Franchise Partners elect to do so.  It should also be noted that hot and cold espresso based beverages account for over 70% of Franchise Partners’ sales.


Do I need to purchase from agreed suppliers?

Yes. The key to any franchise business is consistency within the franchise network. It is critical to the success of your business that the same core products are delivered in any region in the UK and internationally. It is also critical that the standard and quality of products sold by each Franchise Partner is maintained at the highest level. This will again assist in the protection of each Franchise Partner’s investment and future value.  
To be able to achieve this, nominated suppliers are in place to provide our Franchise Partners with products for use within their business. These products must meet the quality standards of the franchisor and each supplier must be able to supply direct to the Franchise Partners at a price at or below normal commercial rate. Using nominated suppliers allows each Franchise Partner to directly benefit with reduced product pricing obtained via the increased buying power of the franchise network.


    Is there flexibility within the product range?

    Yes. Whilst there are a core range of products that will always remain non-negotiable as part of the franchise, our franchise system does allow for local flair within each franchise. If a Franchise Partner wishes to sell a product that is deemed to be a good fit for the local consumers and the Cafe2U brand, approval to sell the product may be obtained from the franchisor.


    How do Franchise Partners receive products?

    All approved and nominated suppliers within the Cafe2U system must be able to deliver to the Franchise Partner's place of residence or nominated delivery point.  Each Franchise Partner must ensure that delivery criteria are able to be met to satisfy HACCP product receive standards. The majority of our Franchise Partners organise a delivery frequency that suits their business needs.


    Do I need any extra equipment at home to operate a franchise?

    Yes. Franchise Partners will require a standard power point to be located within easy access of the vehicle whilst at home. Whilst a normal plug socket (13amp) power is acceptable, Cafe2U would advise an industrial socket be installed at home or in the garage.  This allows the Franchise Partner to operate their vehicle using mains power and importantly gives the option to power refrigeration and other equipment after trading hours. Franchise Partners often elect to purchase additional freezer/refrigeration for home to minimise order frequency. If you reside in an apartment complex you may have to discuss the business requirements with your landlord or body corporate.