Can I select my own territory?

Yes. Cafe2U identifies and formally maps territories based upon our experience within the industry using a company specialising in business data and mapping. Where possible Cafe2U will provide a range of pre-mapped territories for a Franchise Partner to select from. 
Note: Not all regions allow for a selection of maps to be provided. These include strongly developed cities and regional centres.  


Are Cafe2U territories exclusive?

Yes. Each allocated territory remains exclusive to the respective Franchise Partner.


    Why are exclusive territories important?

    Exclusively mapped territories ensure that your business can remain as protected as possible. Whilst exclusivity will not protect you from other competitors within your territory, it will mean that you will be the only Cafe2U operating within the area. 
    Unfortunately there have been cases where other franchisors have established multiple businesses within the same region that were forced to compete directly with one another. This is not acceptable and highlights the importance of mapped territories.  


    How are the territories developed?

    Cafe2U was the first mobile cafe franchise system to engage the services of a business data and mapping specialist. Cafe2U developed a regression model based upon 3 high performing Franchise Partners. We were then able to capture the key characteristics of each territory. Once this data had been compiled, a template was able to be produced that would ensure all new franchise territories had sufficient business potential within their territory to be a Cafe2U high performing Franchise Partner. Our model looks at not only the number of businesses within an area but concentrates on businesses that are able to be serviced by a Cafe2U Franchise Partner, so their location plotting is critical. We also look at business size, density, business employee numbers, industry types. 
    We believe that going into this level of detail is an important investment in ensuring the success of each new franchise.