Why do start-up costs vary so much within the industry?

Start-up costs do vary greatly within the mobile café sector. It can be difficult to compare systems as many tend to concentrate on vehicle construction only rather than positioning themselves to offer a complete franchise model.

In line with our mission, vision and values, Cafe2U concentrates on providing Franchise Partners the highest quality franchise system within the sector and also a system with the greatest value for money and return on investment. As the market leader we are seeking to build strong business relationships with Franchise Partners motivated by operating a quality driven business rather than a business selected solely on price.  Franchise Partners that value the importance of quality and value for money will place emphasis on developing their business by providing their own customers the commitment to quality products and service.  It has been proven that within the hospitality industry that quality is of greater importance than price.

A lesser priced product indicates two things, a lack of confidence in the product being sold, or a lack of real value to the consumer.

As you can see from information already provided; Cafe2U is the only true turnkey mobile cafe franchise designed for the Franchise Partner to be profitable from Day 1. The common saying “You get what you pay for” is certainly true within the mobile café industry and is why the Cafe2U team continues to grow.


What sets Cafe2U apart from its competitors?

The critical factor determining the success of any franchise system is its ability to create an environment whereby its Franchise Partners can be successful and profitable. Without successful Franchise Partners there is no franchise system. Cafe2U understand this and we have developed our systems with this philosophy in mind. 

In order to remain the market leader within the industry we created the depth within our system that allows us to continue driving the growth of the brand and network forward.  We have been able to develop a recognised brand through use of mainstream media and marketing initiatives involving our Franchise Partners.  We are able to provide our Franchise Partners with the necessary business tools, personal and business development skills and access to coaching and mentoring. Our system allows us to identify, develop and implement new products and operating methods. We are able to invest in detailed mapping information for our Franchise Partners.  We are able to protect our Franchise Partners' investment by developing and maintaining our HACCP food safe management system accreditation's.  We negotiate supply agreements across all products and services to ensure that our Franchise Partners receive the best quality products at the best price.  We embrace technology and are able to drive innovation within the business. We do all of these things and more whilst always being able to provide dedicated technical and operational support to our Franchise Partners.


    How can Cafe2U offer services that competitors can't?

    The Cafe2U franchise system has been designed for sustainability. This provides our Franchise Partners with confidence and peace of mind that their investment is protected into the future. 

    Cafe2U is a genuine franchise system. It is unfortunate that there are businesses within the mobile cafe industry that claim to be franchise systems, however do not adhere to the basic fundamentals of franchising, which is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with benefits and obligations attributed to both parties. These businesses are vehicle construction companies and are motivated by an upfront fee and not about ensuring your business success. These businesses ultimately damage the industry by acting in a cavalier manner or engaging in misrepresentation. 

    Cafe2U has invested heavily in recruiting the best management team of any company within the industry. The senior Cafe2U global team number over 19 and have over 50 years of combined franchising experience and over 100 years of coffee and hospitality experience.  There is no other business system within the industry with this level of experience and corporate knowledge.


    Why are these services important to me?

    Franchising is a business relationship and you need to be 100% comfortable with who you choose to go into business with.  Many within the sector compare franchising to a marriage. Just like any marriage things can and do go wrong. With over 150 franchises currently operating internationally, Cafe2U has been able to demonstrate a proven track record in helping Franchise Partners to manage their own successful business.

    Credibility is everything. It is for this reason that Cafe2U conduct a thorough selection process for each new candidate. By recruiting the best Franchise Partners we not only ensure that the Franchise Partner has the greatest chance of success, but also that the value of the franchise system and the businesses within it are retained at the highest level.

    There is more to Cafe2U than just the vehicle and equipment. In fact this is the smallest component of the franchise system compared to the value that you will be able to extract to assist you in being a successful business owner.