How are events allocated by Head Office?

Cafe2U has its own national Events Coordinator whose primary role is the efficient negotiation and allocation of event work to the Franchise Partner network. Cafe2U maintains a strict Events Code of Conduct whereby Franchise Partners must be offered events within their territory as a first right of refusal. Should a Franchise Partner elect to opt out the event will be redirected to the nearest Franchise Partner to the event. If the event remains unallocated the event is offered to the Franchise Partner within the next applicable region.


Do I have to service event work?

No. This is entirely up to the individual Franchise Partner. Cafe2U have a number of Franchise Partners that for various reasons do not wish to conduct event work. Many of these Franchise Partners have a successful weekday business and want to maximise the lifestyle benefits that Cafe2U can provide by spending time on weekends with family and friends.


    Can I secure my own events?

    Yes and if you intend to attend a lot of events you will need to be proactive in this area.  If you wish to secure an event within your territory there are no restrictions or additional costs to do so.  All we ask is that you update the database as you make your bookings.


    Can I secure events outside my agreed territory?

    Yes. However, should you wish to secure an event outside your agreed territory, or in the territory of another Franchise Partner, there are procedures that need to be followed in accordance with the Events Code of Conduct. This allows Franchise Partners to be informed of activities that are occurring and also allows them to benefit from the team environment.