What training is provided?

The Acceleration Package is a comprehensive 4-week training program that is provided as part of the turnkey franchise price. The training includes 1 full week at Cafe2U Head Office in Leeds. This classroom-training concentrates on the coffee barista course, business ownership and business management, equipment maintenance and operation, vehicle operation, food safety management, basic accounting and local area marketing skills. The second week consists of vehicle relocation, knowledge confirmation, business and logistical setup and Franchise Partner in territory pre-work. The third and forth weeks are reserved for your business launch.


How is my business launched?

The third and fourth weeks of training concentrate on the launch of your new business. This is conducted in your territory and a launch plan is developed with you in your appointed Franchise Partner Development Manager. 
During the launch our experienced Franchise Partner Development Manager will guide you and your business up to a minimum of £275 per day in gross sales. Each Franchise Partner Development Manager has been extensively trained in our business practices, and possesses unique skills in canvassing and cold calling necessary to develop a business. During the launch program the Franchise Partner Development Managers will teach you the skills and techniques that will assist you as you progress further in your new business.


    What is the Franchise Partner revenue guarantee?

    During your allocated launch period, whilst the foundations of your business are being laid, if your business does not achieve £275 in gross sales, Cafe2U will provide you a cheque for the difference. This is called our Franchise Partner Revenue Guarantee and provides you with security and confidence from day 1, allowing you to concentrate on building relationships with your customers! Once £275 is reached on any given day the guarantee ends.


    Q. What happens after the initial launch period?

    Prior to their departure, your allocated Franchise Partner Development Manager will develop a short term plan with you to ensure that you are positioned to maintain the business at the £275 per day level whilst your skills and confidence develop. When you are ready to increase the performance of your business it is important to then reapply the skills taught to you during your launch. Remember that your Franchise Partner Development Manager will be there to guide you for each new step you take.