What marketing is provided during the launch period?

A marketing pack specific for your business is provided as part of your purchase of the business. 
This includes a Cafe2U flying banner, a 3m x 3m Cafe2U folding gazebo, a quantity of canvassing packs and promotional flyers, a quantity of loyalty program cards. A local PR release is released to your local paper to coincide with your business launch and each Franchise Partner will receive a dedicated web page for their business that is linked to the company web site.


What local marketing is available?

Franchise Partners are able to access an online marketing toolbox that allows them to order from a range of marketing products from uniforms to personalised flyers, menus and loyalty cards. These are all designed to be used within your territory to generate weekday business and also event activity if required. Any marketing tool you would like can be templated and uploaded for all Franchise Partners to personalise and order.


What is the Franchise Partner marketing fund?

The National Franchise Partner marketing fund is a compulsory fund that has been established by the franchisor to encourage Franchise Partners to take greater ownership in the marketing not only of their own business but that of the franchise network as a collective. The fund can only be spent by Franchise Partners on initiatives that will benefit all Franchise Partners.


    How is the fund operated?

    All Franchise Partners are required to contribute £9.40 per week to the fund. This contribution is held in a Franchise Partner marketing fund account that is managed by the Franchise Advisory Committee (FAC). This committee is a group of 4 Franchise Partners elected by the Franchise Partner network to act as a marketing voice on its behalf. FAC representatives meet or hold phone conferences regularly with the Cafe2U marketing team to plan the best use of the funds and monitor the implementation.  It is through the collective power of the fund that Cafe2U will in the future be able to market the brand and drive event work through mainstream media such as television and national radio, as it has in Australia.
    Individually it may not appear to be a large fee, but collectively it becomes a powerful tool for our Franchise Partner network, and it will probablly cover all of your marketing needs througout the year.


    Who decides how the fund should be spent?

    Franchise Advisory Committee (FAC) members are signatories for the National Marketing Fund and all expenditure must be with the expressed consent of the FAC and the support of the Franchise Partner network.