What level of on-going support is provided after launch?

  • Quarterly Franchise Development Manager (FDM) visits are scheduled as a minimum and Franchise Partners are encouraged to prepare for these visits to obtain maximum benefit
  • Franchise Partners are contacted weekly by their allocated manager to discuss their business performance, business plan, personal goal, targets and any other technical or operational issues
  • Franchise Partners have direct access to their FDM for support
  • Regular Franchise Partner meetings are scheduled
  • Weekly "Espresso" e-newsletters are sent out to Franchise Partners focusiong on current business issues or tips 
  • Preferred supplier agreements are negotiated with Franchise Partner feedback
  • Ongoing product development and trials, access to web based forums and online Franchise Partner information, national brand awareness marketing, event generation and allocation
  • Local or regional meetings or training is organised as well as 1 national conferences


How does Cafe2U maintain standards within the system?

As part of your Franchise Partner Development Manager visit a Business Investment Protection Plan (BIPP) will be conducted on your franchise. 
The BIPP covers all operational aspects of the business, identifying areas that need attention and pays particular attention to the maintenance of standards within the franchise. The BIPP has also been designed for use as a personal action plan for Franchise Partners in refocussing the attention within their business if required or assist them to take their business to the next level.


How is product development managed within the business?

All new product development is managed by the operations team through the Franchise Partner Development Managers. Franchise Partners regularly provide head office with products that they would like to stock in the vehicle which is then managed, sampled, negotiated, implemented and delivered by head office for all Franchise Partners, if appropriate.


    Who services my business equipment?

    All equipment within your vehicle, including the vehicle, is warranted by each individual manufacturer. Cafe2U provides each Franchise Partner with contact information for service agents for routine servicing of power generation and espresso equipment. Where possible, Cafe2U has been able to negotiate fixed national servicing pricing which provides our Franchise Partners peace of mind regarding servicing costs which tend to fluctuate from region to region.


    Are tools in place to communicate and share ideas with other Franchise Partners?

    Yes. Communication between Franchise Partners is highly encouraged. It is important that Franchise Partners remember that whilst they may be focused on the success of their own business, they are part of a global system and the success of other Franchise Partners benefits everyone. Cafe2U provides a secure online web forum for Franchise Partners to share ideas both nationally and internationally. This is part of a dedicated member section on the website containing business tools for use by all Franchise Partners.


    Can I establish additional vehicles within my territory?

    Yes. It is an aspect of the business that we encourage. All our business systems are geared toward Franchise Partner success, so it is only natural that successful Franchise Partners look toward a new challenge. Additional vehicles are constructed at a reduced rate to encourage Franchise Partners to expand their business.   A weekly fee is payable per vehicle that you operate. 


    Does Cafe2U have any Franchise Partners that are currently managing this?

    Yes. We have successful multi franchises in Australia and in the UK.