Do I need any council permits?

This depends entirely on how you wish to operate your Cafe2U franchise and the local council regulations within your territory. Our experience has shown that each council is different and needs to be managed in a professional manner ensuring that Cafe2U Franchise Partners operate in accordance with local laws and as good corporate citizens. 
The Cafe2U business model has been designed to trade during the week on private property that mean many of the permits for public property do not apply. Operating in this manner usually means that Franchise Partners need only to park their vehicle responsibly and not impede vehicle movement to thoroughfares. Should you intend trading on public property, you can arrange the required permits through your local council for a small annual fee. This may be a requirement to service particular events. This permit is similar to those carried by ice cream vendors.  It is your responsibility to check all of the above with your local authorities.


    What insurances will I need?

    To operate within the mobile cafe industry there are stipulated insurances that are required. Comprehensive Motor Vehicle insurance, including vehicle, fittings, fixtures and all equipment. In addition to this you will be required to have £5 million Public Liability insurance and £5 million Product Liability insurance. These are common for any business in the hospitality industry.  If you decide to use employees in your business you will also need to take out employers liability insurance.


    Has Cafe2U set up a group insurance policy for Franchise Partners?

    Yes. Cafe2U has been able to establish a group insurance policy for all Franchise Partners which covers them for motor and full liability insurances at a sum of approximately £1,300 per annum.